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an old house in the woods with a bridge over it that says, as part of a water phillosophy of environmental presentation
Milia village Μηλιά Αγροτουρισμός Chania Crete is Continent
Milia village Μηλιά Αγροτουρισμός Chania Crete is Continent - YouTube
boats are floating in the blue water near shore
Antipaxi, Greece
steps lead down to the ocean from a rocky cliff
three people swimming in the water near mountains
Simi island
an outdoor dining area with blue tables and umbrellas on the side of the water
an old tower sitting on top of a rocky cliff next to the ocean with mountains in the background
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The Chapel of Saint Paul (11th century), Agia Roumeli, Crete Island, Greece
an old building sitting on top of a hill next to the ocean
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The old Byzantine church of Agios Pavlos on the south coast of Chania prefecture in Crete
a stone house covered in snow next to a mountain
Χιονισμένα τοπία από χωριά του Ζαγορίου.
Kipoi, Zagoroxoria.. Epirus Greece
an empty street with white buildings and stairs
Dream Travel Spots
Andros, Greece
a park bench sitting next to a tree near the water
an outdoor dining area next to the ocean
Paros, Greece
an empty street with tables and chairs on the side walk in front of some buildings
Pláka District, Athens Athens, Greece #travel #travelinspiration #travelphotography #athens #YLP100BestOf #wanderlust
a boat sitting on top of a lush green field next to the ocean at night
an outdoor dining area overlooking the ocean with blue chairs and tables set up for people to eat
Zakynthos Island Images
Taverna With A Sea View At Tsilivi on Zakynthos island Greece Photography by Alistair Ford
the city is full of white and blue buildings
Karpathos 2009
Olympus in Karpathos Island, Dodekanisa, Greece
an old building with vines growing on it
View of Acropolis from the museum (like a card postal)
Under the Acropolis , Greece
the shadow of a person riding a horse on a beach with blue water and hills in the background
Discover Anafi in the Aegean Sea! | GO GREECE YOUR WAY
Beach on Anafi
an old church is surrounded by flowers and greenery
Beautiful church in Crete
a small white building sitting on top of a rocky cliff next to the ocean with clear blue water
Agios Sozon Chapel, Naxos Island, Greece
people are on the beach and in the water near some trees, bushes and buildings
Psili Ammos beach, Serifos, Greece
the view from an old stone wall looking out at water and mountains in the distance
View to the sea
View from Parga..
a large building with many windows in the middle of it's roof and some buildings behind it
Church of St. Pavlo, Thessaloniki, Greece
Agios Pavlos,Thessaloniki, Greece
an alley way with white buildings and blue doors on both sides, leading to the sky
Ιος: Ρομαντική και ανεξερεύνητη
Ios | Greece
a rainbow is shining in the sky over a body of water
Under the rainbow
The Gate of Apollo under the rainbow.. Naxos Island (Cyclades), Greece | by…
a white building with blue shutters next to a stair case on a cloudy day
Emporio, Nysiros Island, Greece
a stone bridge surrounded by trees with leaves on the ground
Pelion photos by Greeka member jensplace -
Pelion: Travel guide to Pelion, Greece -
the water is crystal blue and clear in this photo, with rocks on either side
Pelion Rocks by Neil Buchan-Grant
Pelion Rocks - Greece
a wooden walkway leading to the beach on a sunny day with blue water and trees
Pelion, Greece
an outdoor dining area with tables and chairs
Panoramio is no longer available
Vyzitsa village at Pelion mountain , Greece