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Natural photographs of wild and living rare roses with beautiful and rare colours and shapes
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a pink rose is blooming in the garden
Secret™ | Hybrid Tea Rose
~Secret™ Hybrid Tea Rose
a red and yellow flower with green leaves
Red and Yellow Rose
two red roses are blooming in the garden
Галерея - Black Prince (-) - Энциклопедия роз
'Black Prince' | Remontant hybrids (Hybrid Perpetual). William Paul United Kingdom, 1866
several pink roses blooming in the sun on a sunny day with green grass behind them
My Girl Roses.jpg
'My Girl Rose' | Hybrid Tea Rose. Hans Jürgen Evers, 2000 | © Patricia Manhire
an orange and white rose is blooming in the garden with green leaves around it
Rose 'Alchymist', Rosa 'Modern Bushrose' -group
'Alchymist Rose' | Climber, Large-Flowered Climber, Rambler, Shrub. Reimer Kordes (Germany, 1956) | Flickr - © Pygge Lord
a yellow rose is blooming in the sun
'Amatsu Otome' | Hybrid Tea Rose. Kikuo Teranishi (Japan, 1960) | Flickr - © Nemo's great uncle
a purple rose is blooming in the garden
Dick Clark | Grandiflora Rose
Dick Clark Hybrid Tea Rose
a purple rose with green leaves on it
Common Name: Hybrid Tea Rose Cultivar Blue Moon Species: Rosa sp. 'Blue Moon' Family: ROSACEAE Although not truly blue, the flowers of this hybrid tea rose cultivar 'Blue Moon' comes about as close to a blue rose as you can get. But for me that looks PURPLE, right?
a blue rose with water droplets on it
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a pink and white rose with red stripes
Jardinerie en ligne | Le spécialiste des jardins réussis
Rosier buisson 'Famosa' rose
a close up view of a green and white rose
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China Rare Dancing queen rose
a pink rose is blooming in the garden
Cotton Candy..a perfect rose
a red and white rose with green leaves
Black Rose .... this very rare Black Rose is found in a region of Turkey called 'Halfeti'