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Articles - ΔΙΠΛΩΜΑΤΙΚΕΣ - ΕΡΓΑΣΙΕΣ - Συμμετοχες 2014 - 233.14 Τα παιδία σκηνοθετεί

gives the Architectural Architectural format, Architectural Designing administrations to customer all around from New Zealand.

Taboo | via Tumblr on We Heart It

Eclectic has inspiration from both Bohemian and Moroccan styles. It almost refers to a "collection" of furniture. This room is full of color, and patterns. It has different textures from fabrics to hardwoods, and is bright with a gypsy feel.

Great use of a small space. I love the different styles of bookshelves.

tinyhousesmallspace: “ Tiny in San Francisco ” These beautiful little spaces make me feel better about my eventually stupidly tiny apartment (cuz I mean, there’s no way around that.