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DO YOU KNOW HOW TO SHAPE THE PERFECT EYES AND FACE? Draw the two eyes at the same time relating one eye to the other. There is normally one eye space between the left and right eyes (Sometimes less). The bottom of the iris makes a tangent with the lower lid. The top of the pupil makes a tangent with the bottom of the top eyelid.  - Explained in Frank J. Reilly, Elements of Painting Order book here: #FrankReillyBooks #TheElementsofPainting…

Frank J. Reilly - The Elements of Painting

117 curtidas, 4 comentários - Josh Summana (@joshsummanaart) no Instagram: “Trying to incorporate the Frank Reilly method into my figure drawing process. It's crazy how it all…”

Some life drawing and practicing the Reilly method! Its definitely helpful