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Island of Corfu
Old School!  I still have my yiayia's rolling pin that looks just like this.  She would roll out her own phyllo!!    amazing.
Hydra 1956 Sophia Loren
October 1944; Ragged young Greek children during WWII
In Greece 1958
Μετς 1865 http://weloveathens.files.wordpress.com/2010/02/cebcceb5cf84cf83.jpg
1962 ~ Thessaloniki (photo by Hubertus Hierl)
Mykonos island, 1955 Photo by Dimitris Harissiadis Benaki Museum Photographic Archives
Sophia Loren in Athens, 1954
This is my Greece | The Acropolis of Athens by Fred Boissonnas (1903-1930)