Birmingham, United Kingdom

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a woman in uniform leaning on a rail smiling at the camera while standing next to a building
Nostalgia gallery: Birmingham hospitals
an old double decker bus driving down the street in black and white with cars behind it
three children are walking with their bikes in front of an old brick building that has broken windows
Brumpic on Twitter
a group of children sitting on the side of a brick building
Pictures: Ingemar Lindahl's archive of inner-city Birmingham
a young boy playing with a small dog on a brick sidewalk in an alleyway
Photos Of Slum Life And Squalor In Birmingham 1969-72 (Volume 2) - Flashbak
an old black and white photo of two men standing next to a horse drawn carriage
Lost Photobucket Pics In 'old Street Pics' Thread.
people are walking around an outdoor market area
This is what Birmingham was like in the 1960s
two men standing in front of a building with icicles on it
The big freeze - when Birmingham was under snow in 1963
two men are standing in the snow next to some parked cars and one man is looking at something
The big freeze - when Birmingham was under snow in 1963