Understanding the Dangers of Shame

There is no productive purpose for shame in our lives. God doesn't want it to pollute our relationship with Him. Shame causes you to draw back from God while.

My Life in the Graveyard

The Bible tells the story of a man whose life had become so destructive that he lived in a graveyard. He cut himself and screamed night and day. This is wher.

Winning the Mind Game

From the time you wake up until the time that you fall asleep, your mind is processing information. God designed His Word to fuel your thoughts and produce H.

The Mind and Mouth Connection

Have you ever said something and wanted to take it back right away? Your mouth just opened and you said what was on your mind. God created us with a connecti.

Rescued from a life of addiction and crime- Michelle's story

Rescued From a Graveyard of Addiction and Crime

Face the Challenge!

You cannot reach your destination if you stay where you are. Now is the time to get up, confront the challenges that stand in your way and move ahead into th.

Get in Position to Receive

Get in Position to Receive

The Guilt and the Shame

I spent years of my life in drug addiction and crime. The guilt of all my mistakes produced a shame that drove me to escape reality by p.

Never Let Them See You Sweat!

Just because you are facing a struggle doesn't mean that you have to settle.

Pressure? No Problem!

The pressure you are facing today has a purpose.