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The Softwheel new technology from the Israel-based SoftWheel company will overcome this long-running obstacle, says CEO Daniel Bar-El. The technology consists of a new type of wheel, which has built-in shock absorbers that reduce and can essentially eliminate the impact from dropping down stairs, traversing uneven streets, sidewalks. boardwalks, and rough terrain. In addition, the internal mechanism of the technology vastly improves maneuverability of the chair.

SoftWheel is a great benefit to wheelchair users, by Increasing the freedom of riders by offering technology that allows them to adapt, be flexible, be adventurous, and be all they can imagine. SoftWheel provides wheelchair users with all the benefits of

ROTA | RoTrike

ROTA designs and creates ergonomic and efficient mobility products that drive people to better health and wellbeing.

Blumil x2 (tweewielige elektrische rolstoel gebaseerd op de Segway.)

An extreme off road wheelchair, that goes into all kinds of terrain and long distance- the Blumil