The Majestic tiger

Roar if you love tigers! Now check out together we can roar louder ! by wwf

A beautiful leopard

Aggressive but beautiful leopard. Hey get that lens out of my face I had a hard night out with the girl and I'm hungover and hungry AGH ROAR!

Two tigers fighting

Despite all the recent photowalks shooting urban ephemera, my primary interest in photography was always wildlife and animal photography.

Long eared wild cat

Caracal ♥ The caracal, Caracal caracal, is a fiercely territorial medium-sized cat ranging over Western Asia, South Asia and Africa.

A Lioness portrait

Arrange your photos into a beautiful collage. It's super easy, give it a try!

Cheetahs jumped on the vehicle of tourists

Third Place Winner: “Say cheese”. Cheetahs jumped on the vehicle of tourists in Masai Mara national park, Kenya. (Photo and caption by Yanai Bonneh/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest)