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Treat Your Women As Most Graceful From Up Above (That Is ,Above Your Own) ,And You Will Teach Her To Trust Her Heart !

Breaking bad popular culture essay Breaking Bad was, and remains (at least for the time being), the apogee of water-cooler culture: serious but seriously cool, and the nerd’s revenge, to boot.

Richard Gere

Richard Gere (aka Richard Tiffany Gere - ) Actor, Humanitarian, Activist - Numerous movies including some of my favorites: American Gigolo, Officer and a Gentleman, Pretty Woman and Chicago of which he was nominated for Best Actor. I just love this actor.

Andy Garcia. Maybe it's the Cuban blood, but he is an actor oozing with a molten lava of passion. The fire in his eyes...the hoarseness in his voice when his lid is blown...he's just an explosive actor. A beautiful thing to watch.

Andrés Arturo García Menéndez (born April professionally known as Andy Garcia, is an American actor and director, Andy Garcia is the most famous person born with a parasitic twin. It was attached to his shoulder and was removed when he was a toddler.