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For real. What comes to mind when I first read this was the people who will post about "treating others the way you want to be treated"; then post a picture of their meat and dairy-filled supper. Uh, yeah, just a tad hypocritical there.

Sooner or later the truth will come out it'll be sad for a lot of people (I told you so)

I feel like such a fool and so disgusted, I should have seen it from day one the type of dog and whore of a man he was. God I'm the dumbest woman on this planet and I feel sorry for the next one he makes feel like the only one.

Or at least give them a yard with space. I hate it when people leave dogs on short little chains.

Let dogs inside. No animal should have to spend their life at the end of a chain! Mr Bobo had a log chain around his neck attached to cement blocks I knew he wasn't staying at house no matter what he was like !