One continuous line

ANIMALS-BIRDS One continuous line! Looks like I found the Humming bird for my Grandma's Flower tattoo! I have been looking for a cool Humming bird for 5 years now!

The Evolution of the Batman Logo

Funny pictures about Evolution of the Batman Logo. Oh, and cool pics about Evolution of the Batman Logo. Also, Evolution of the Batman Logo.

AGORA by Sherif Adel

Agora By Sherif Adel Stationary Corporate Design Corporatedesign Logo Identity Branding Marketing Lt

Very ID: investigation discovery channel. lol it looks like it would be the new poster for their deadly women segment. Great use of negative space in poster design


Absolutely fabulous horse coming out of the fog image. It could be a model of a horse and the maker played around with lighting and fog machine, but I doubt it. in CUBE

Very well put of a design by adding a number 5 as the letter g by just flipping it upside down. With the word "high" you mind begin to realize it wants to say "high five." Clever and yet a bad pun.

Typography by Craig Ward

Typography by Craig Ward Fantastic work by New York-based designer Craig Ward, who sees himself as a “typographic illustrator”.