Once upon a time in Rhodes...

A board full of stories and memories. We've collected unique photographs to show you Rhodes island in Greece as you've never seen it again. Whether you're a frequent visitor or just have an interest in history, this board has some great stories to share with you.
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Retro brochure design for your next holiday in Rhodes island, Greece. Amazing!
Elli Beach dome. A popular sight in Rhodes town. It is slightly busier now these days!
The first Opera House in Rhodes island, Teatro G. Pucini. A theater later, but unfortunately now closed due to a long restoration. You definitely remember it if you've visited Rhodes before.
Walking in the Medieval town of Rhodes. A timeless experience.
Rhodes island hydroplane. Yes they existed back then!
The Acropolis of Lindos and the village of Lindos. It has always been such a picturesque village!
Ice-cream anyone? A traditional ice-cream trolley outside the Medieval town of Rhodes island. How many flavors where on offer back then?
The Windmills in Rhodes island, Greece. Notice there used to be more than 3 windmills back in the day. Now you can only admire 3 of them!
Mandraki harbour of Rhodes island, Greece. 70's color optional.
Can you identify this square? It is the very popular main square of the Medieval town of Rhodes. We bet you you haven't seen it like this before!

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Albergo delle rose. The hotel of Roses, now the casino of Rhodes island, Greece.
A priest praying in front of the Filerimos cross, Ialyssos, Rhodes, Greece.
Socratous street old town 1920
Old town rhodes greece
Socratous street 1934.  Old Rhodes town, Rhodes.
Rhodes Greece
Old photo of Rhodes Greece
1925 Rhodes Island
Mandraki Rhodes island