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an easy tissue paper pumpkin favours for kids to make and play with it
Easy Tissue Paper Pumpkin Favours
These tissue paper pumpkin favours are a great treat to send to school on Halloween or they make super cute party favours! Use them for any fall occasion!
the steps to making halloween jack - o'- lantern peppers are shown in pictures
Food Network™ Large Rectangular Platter
Add a little Halloween fun to dinner with bell peppers carved like jack-o’-lanterns. For the stuffing we used a southwestern chicken and rice mix, but you could easily replace it with tuna salad, a vegetarian quinoa salad—whatever delicious dish that works best for your family. Start with large orange bell peppers. Remove the tops and scrape out the seeds. Next carve out jack- o’-lantern faces. Fill with your favorite stuffing and serve!
an easy halloween treat idea for the kids to make with their hands and mouth shapes
DIY Spooky Vampire Donuts: Only Takes 5 Minutes!
These vampire donuts are scary easy to make and a perfect treat idea for Halloween parties this month!
pumpkins that have been carved to look like jack - o'- lanterns
Edible Pumpkin Candy Chocolate Cups for Halloween | Oh Nuts Blog
#3 will leave your taste buds screaming for more.
oreo eyeball cookies are on a plate and ready to be decorated for halloween
OREO Cookie Eyeballs Halloween Treat DIY
OREO eyeballs - DIY Halloween cookie treat - Easy to make and delicious to eat!
a spider pizza sitting on top of a white table next to a pepperoni and cheese pizza
Looking for Halloween food ideas? These Halloween Spider Pizzas are simple for kids to make and perfect for some spook-tastic Halloween fun. Shudder!
hot dogs with ketchup and mustard on top of an old book for halloween
Witches Shortbread Fingers - Crafty October Day 22
three pictures showing how to make a candy bowl
Edible Pumpkin Candy Chocolate Cups for Halloween | Oh Nuts Blog
Edible Chocolate Pumpkin Cups Top 20 Holiday Food Recipes