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And again
an image with the words i had a thought, but unfortunately i had a second thought they ricocheted off each other & i can't find
the text reads, remember when you could lay in one position for hours, now you have to rotate like a rotissee chicken every 15 minutes or a hip hurts
two clay figurines sitting next to each other on a wooden table with a keyboard in the background
Afternoon Funny Memes 37 Pics
I have no idea what this is but I know that it is what I am.
a wall clock made to look like a woman with a fire extinguisher
16 Out-of-the-Box Designs That Could Win Awards With Their Uniqueness
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Yes, we are. #MondaysSuck #MorningsSuck #geeklife
it's weird being the same age as old people by godlivin guide
IT'S WEIRD BEING THE SAME AGE AS OLD PEOPLE. co - America’s best pics and videos