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an abstract painting with many different colors and shapes in the center, as well as circles
Felix Inclusis | engelart‌: “portal”,  2013 by Norman Engel
a colorful circle made up of squares in different colors and sizes, with white background
Sol LeWitt - Tondo stars 1, Print
an image of a rainbow spiral in the dark
Premium Vector | Color wheel or color circle with twelve colors which shows primary colors
an image of a blue, yellow and orange circle
November 2014 – betukbandi
an abstract painting with blue, orange and brown stripes in the shape of a sunburst
An Artist Responds to the Work of Victor Vasarely, Father of the Op-Art Movement - Sight Unseen
a colorful circular design with many colors in the center, on a white background that appears to be multicolored
Kristin Farr
an abstract painting with many colors and shapes
an abstract background with many different colored lines and triangles on it, all in the same pattern
Print Selection #1
an abstract drawing with lines and curves in black and white, on a white background
an abstract pattern made up of circles
Trippy Geometric Illustrations by Andy Gilmore
an abstract design with hexagonal shapes in multicolored colors on black background
Kaleidoscopic and Hypnotic Geometric Compositions by Andy Gilmore | Inspirationfeed
art, Complex, design, digital, geometry, hypnotic, Inspiration, kaleidoscopic
an abstract painting with multiple colors and shapes in the center, as well as circles
Rendezvous Artworks