Alonaki, Preveza, Greece


Alonaki, Preveza (Epirus), Greece - I want to swim out to that rock and lay out for hours.

Lousta Vrachos Beach during spring time, Epirus, Greece

Greece Epirus - Vrachos Loutsa beach by massonth Greece Epirus Lousta Vrachos Beach during spring time


Deputy prefects and local administration decision-makers, will meet in Preveza for the "Utilization of NSRF programs for Tourism Development” conference.

Town of Preveza, Greece

Clock Tower of Preveza, Greece.

Artolithia beach, Preveza, Greece Αρτολίθια | Παραλίες | Φύση | Ν. Πρεβέζης | Περιοχές |

Zalongo beach Greece Epirus Picture from one single RAW file