Black and white framed pictures collection.

Picture Frame Wall

Neat Picture frame wall that won't break the budget. Large, brass, high quality frames perfectly spaced out to create a beautiful space in your home. The post Picture frame wall .

Collections: How to Collect and Display Interesting Items 2

Collections: How to Collect and Display Interesting Items

use old patterns to decorate for a sewing party

Mid Century Modern Sewing Pattern Art Mixed Media on Panels.A DIY Project for the Sewing Room. (I have so many vintage patterns, too!

collect mirrors

The Chic Technique: A pretty collection of mirrors and hand mirrors really looks nice on this wall. Do you have a collection of hand mirrors?

Vintage Radios!

i want to start a vintage collection of a particular object. my dad has a collection of vintage and antique cameras, dating back to the

collection of baskets

Muurdecoratie: muur zoekt match This paint color is similar to Hirshfield's 0669 Frozen Stream. The wall color highlights the warmth of the wooden pieces and baskets.


vintage globes collection - I'd put them in chronological order to track how the world has changed.

Beautiful cobalt blue bottles.

Deep Cobalt Blue, Antique Bottles Find these in the woods when we are surveying sometimes. I have several and I love them.

11 Ways to Use & Display Vintage Metals | Apartment Therapy

11 Ways to Use & Display Vintage Metals

silver trays

Silver Platter Plate Wall - I would love this in my dining room! Gotta start looking for more silver platters.

Beautifully Organized: Collections

Beautifully Organized: Collections


This picture is found on the book cover of Living in Morocco by Barbara & Rene . "Hand of Fatima" is a symbol of good luck intended to ward off evil and protect against the evil eye.