Little white kitten staring lovingly. Has green eyes. Cats and kittens of all shapes and sizes.

your internal energy (balanced in harmony in accordance and alignment with the earth's cosmic energy)..

Rainbow Chakras - Levels of Human & Soul Consciousness of Growth Pinned from meditation board

Love Mommy..

Lion mother and cub - all mamas love their babies.- Adorable much

baby fox

* * " I notz gonna make a good pet. First chance I getz, I rip dis chain off andS run to de woods where I belongs.

Snowy Owls - love you more...

* * FEMALE OWL: " Will yoo stills love me evens whens me be old ands uglee?" Cool Fact: The smaller snowy owl is the male

Might be my favorite photo ever! So precious!

Awww this reminds me so much of my dog and my daughter years ago! Miss that girl


Rideau design : les dernières nouveautés pour habiller ses fenêtres avec élégance


* * " Me doesn'ts knowz any 'Bambi' creature atz allz. Me be a fawn. Pleez leaves me here in meez forest home. Me be waitin' fer me mom to returns.

Owl Always Love You

Who says birds don't feel? "I love you so much, just one little kiss?