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teen wolf, stydia, and sciles afbeelding


Daniel Sherman yelling at JR (Chris) for taking Isaac to France and left him there haha

teen wolf theo memes | Tumblr

teen wolf theo memes | Tumblr

Foreshadowing 😂😂😂

yep if you watch teen wolf u know

Teen Wolf cast Keahu Kahuanui (Danny)

ravingrevolution: “omg too cute ” Maybe he creates miniature bakery XD


Oh god this scene was so sad (for anyone who doesn't get it, Stiles's mom died, but he just said "Thanks, mom" to his best friend's (Scott) mom (Melissa) Who is a nurse who used medication to get him to sleep.

Most of the girls in my class are making me question the academic capabilities . If any of u guys who are not smart according to my level feel offended , I say f you.

Dylan with a Stiles shirt

Teen wolf cast

Teen wolf cast are such goals

cody christian

Theo and snapbacks.