Pick a silhouette and cut strips of magazine to fit.

Go bears DIY: Pick a silhouette, cut magazine strips, & use Mod Podge as the glue & sealer. could do this with any silhouette!


Love Photography, working with special effects on photos Colorful People, Places & Things and Pretty Fantasy, Interacting with people around the world All the Goodstuff! All things Caribbean & Ocean & Beach, Love Seasonal Art & Photos I am the Real.

Olena Shmahalo - The Umbrella

© Olena Shmahalo United States Digital Art / Drawings / Illustrations / Conceptual The Umbrella by ~ luminatii


Steel block sculpture, stacked and propped with an architectural approach to construction // Prop II, Antony Gormley

Manipulación de la foto surrealista por Voogee

Wojciech Grzanka-" has a set of works, or to be more accurate, surreal work, called "It's all in my Head" with some incredible photo manipulations".

Katharine Hepburn

Katharine Hepburn is one of my favorite style icons. She was classically beautiful, independent, feisty, stylish and a tren.

a policeman measuring her bathing suit

June Washington policeman Bill Norton measuring the distance between knee and suit at the Tidal Basin bathing beach after Col. Sherrill, Superintendent of Public Buildings and Grounds, issued an order that suits not be over six inches above the knee.

Stephen Collins

Why don’t people send get well cards for mental health problems? Mental health charity Time To Change asked me to design an e-card about depression.


The kiss / Gustav Klimt- Art Noveau- Galerie Belvedere, Viena, Italy