Sterling silver 18" chain necklace with track spike pendant.

Gift idea for Heather - An actual track spike is cast in sterling silver and is displayed on a sterling silver 18 chain. Perfect for the Track and Field and XC athlete

Then you push yourself even more than you have been already and try to do everything to make sure they don't pass you

One of my relay members started psyching out and thought that she could hear someone breathing behind her so she ran faster and there wasn't a person behind her for like 50 meters and she didn't want to look back cause she didn't want to be passed so bad!

Maybe cut the times in half. I have seen sprinters complain about waaaay less.

Normal Track & Field Ideology

21 Things Track and Field Teaches you about life: Everyone is going through life through their own unique perspective.

Even at practice . . .HORRIFYING, yet exhilarating knowing that soon, you'll feel like your feet are moving so fast your flying!:)

You'll never understand this unless you're a track athlete! Every feeling, emotion, it's all filling up your heart.

every time in the 300m hurdles.

every time in the hurdles and the dumb fear that your strides became shorter over night and is going to ruin everything