Feast of Merit — Richmond, Melbourne

Feast of Merit — Richmond, Melbourne. kind-hearted restaurant celebrates the Indian people who party till there's nothing left. 2 minutes walk from our apartment The Richmond Club

Barbouni, Athens. Love the design of this restaurant.

Barbouni is a restaurant on the beach, Part of the Costa Navarino, in Greece. The design, project carried out by K-Studio, has been selected as shortliest at.

great spiral stair & railing, plus a lot of other cool projects | 2014 Restaurant & Bar Design Award Winners

2014 Restaurant & Bar Design Award Winners

This staircase is in a restaurant but I want it in my home! Best Restaurant: Les Haras (France) / Jouin Manku The 2014 Restaurant & Bar Design Award winners.

aoyama nomura design 乃村工藝社 / palace hotel wadakura restaurant, marunouchi tokyo barefootstyling.com

Wall--A. / palace hotel / wadakura - marunouchi / tokyo (from collector and…

People seem to have a love hate relationship with Milan but if every place looked as chic as T’a Milano, I’m sure everyone would love the city. The chocolate shop and bistro is a contemporary update to the Alemagne’s family business. The blue velvet banquettes and citron upholstery are the perfect complement to the marble floors and brass accents. […]

T’A MILANO CHOCOLATE AS PASSION Via Clerici 20121 Milano If it is true that the passions are transmitted by genes, then – Tancredi and Alberto Alemagna – inherited the one for chocolate and high confectionery.

Tropical bar- love the stools!

Ceiling design, black bar, and stools- very tropical - Inspiration for Restaurant in Middle East by SI Architects

Interesting couch textiles made from shirts/blazers/etc. Cuttlery already on table. Finish of wooden table - matte, non-polished timber. Restaurant and Bar Design Awards - Entry 2011/12...

Repurposed Restaurant: Pallet Tables and Bench Seating Upholstered With Vintage Men's Suits.dress up the upholstery but with the same idea.

The Beach Bar "PSAROKOKALO" at Gritsa Beach, Litochoro, North of Greece.

The Beach Bar "PSAROKOKALO" at Gritsa Beach, Litochoro, North of Greece. Project and construction management by Óscar-Aarón Rodriguez-Rui

Open shelving separates the kitchen from the dining room. The jute pendant lamps are also a Moore design. Venice beach restaurant

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