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Conwy Castle, Wales, UK

We visited here in May of Wonderful little village and the Towers of Conwy Castle in Northern Wales. - A medieval fortification in Conwy, on the north coast of Wales. It was built by Edward I, during his conquest of Wales, between 1283 and

The few S.K. books I've read, I haven't liked. But, those were 1980s books; I'm hoping reading one of his newer books will be a better experience.

In a small New England town, in the early a shadow falls over a small boy playing with his toy soldiers. Jamie Morton looks up to se.

Elven Knight Preview 4 by =Azmal on deviantART **If this were the metal breasplate and then the rest leather

The brown elven bracers made of stained cowhide, spring 2012 . I made them as a part of my elven costume at the occasion of a larp Lord of the Rings - Battle for Middle-Earth 2012 in which I part.

Valknut Pauldrons by ~vofffka on deviantART extra protection for Dolan's weapon-lifting shoulder

* Single shoulder * Hand crafted * Segmental spaulder is made of waxed leather mm thick. Leather belts with brass buckles are fixed / men's fashion / cosplay / LARP / post apocalyptic inspiration / wasteland gear