Cat And Craft
Περισσότερες ιδέες από το Cat And Craft
TatiTati Style ➳➳➳ silver bird bracelet
Geometric Jewellery - sculptural necklace; contemporary jewelry design // Ute Decker
Dream House Ring by nOir jewelry. I want to wear this while riding on The Neverwas Haul
3D print design
HANNAH WOODWARD Mayan Glyphs, neckpiece, 2011, leather, vegetable ivory, gold-plated brass, thread
One of the kind silver bracelet. One side made with five glass syringes. Filled with:machine oil, antifreeze, brake fluid, transmission oil and gasoline. The back of bracelet is made from timing belt.
Yung Huei, Chao (Taiwan) - 2011 brooch
Mariko Sumioka, work inspired by the architecture of her native Japan - the "tea house" series
Yung-huei Chao, one of the artists who make up Taiwan collective Meta'Metal.