Christina Kitsou

Christina Kitsou

Christina Kitsou
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Christmas hand drawn pack by kite-kit on Creative Market

Christmas Gift Wrapping Series: This year I need some really cool gift labels. Gonna Use These Graphics to Design My Own Christmas PRINTABLES - [Christmas elements for graphic designers]

Classic Homemade Cannolis recipe from Cooking with Cocktail Rings

The iconic Sicilian dessert is one of my favorites because it isn’t overly sweet – it’s flakey shell and ricotta and mascarpone filling with chocolate chips are the perfect mixture of crispy and creamy to end (or start if you’re like me) any meal.

Sporty racerback bikini beach bling and some fun shade.

My motto: Suns out, shirt off, bikini on. Hallelujah for sunny days, my patio…and uplifting bikinis. [[MORE]]*Goal for the next week is to get some plants for our patio so I can shoot pics like these at a different angle that isn’t just looking up my.