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Secret Hearts #149 (1971)

They CPR classes turned a little risque as Sandy Sauerbraten felt the pangs of loneliness and reached out to Archie the Dummy who though inanimate and un-alive ,managed to score a date and even got to base with her.

It's officially Spring when we see these blooming. It's time to find new colors for your make up!

Tulips are the perfect spring flower. This shot displays the versatility and beauty of tulips. They come in a variety of colors and look stunning in any arrangement.

12 Indoor Gardening Hacks for Spring, No Yard Required via Brit + Co

Indoor Tulips - Fill glass container about with glass marbles or decorative rocks. Set tulip bulb on top of marbles or stones; pointed end up, add more marbles or rocks; so bulb is surrounded but not covered. Pour fresh water into the container.