H.O.P.E.: TASM 2

I got: Andrew Garfield! Which male star would you have a fling with this summer?

H.O.P.E.: Current Tv obsession...AND MCABBY(YAYYY)

H.O.P.E.: Current Tv obsession...AND MCABBY(YAYYY)

Διαβάστε "Black is luck - Part 1" #wattpad #ρομαντική

Truth or Lies..?{GW15} - Part 1~προλογος~

Διαβάστε "Black is luck - Part

H.O.P.E.: Writers WANT!!!!

Art work by artist / graphic designer Jean Bevier titled “Operations are Standing By.” (via Beauty = Eat by Jean Bevier)

H.O.P.E.: Sad news :(

"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.

H.O.P.E.: New statistics

H.O.P.E.: New statistics

~Paul Walker~Fix You

World lost an angel,so Heaven won one.Paul you'll be missed.Not only from family,but also from fans.You died so young and only your ashes remained to bury.