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Roses pinned to a Wall! Fun photobooth backdrop idea for a baby shower or wedding

I like the pink peonies with the grey background. Peonies are such bright, happy flowers

Night flowering cactus.

"Night Blooming Cereus" The night-blooming orchid cactus Epiphyllum oxypetallum, a large, fragrant flower that opens and closes in a single night

Morning Glories

Purple Morning Glory Spirals By _Maji_ Morning Glories are always planted in my garden every year. The fact that each bloom is brand new every morning reminds me of God's Mercy which is also new every morning.

La Baguette Magique * lifestyle with attitude: Smells Like Free Spirit. Pink peony close-up.

Peonies along with white cala lillies these are my favorite flower.especially in this beautiful blush pink color