In the morning.

Sometimes it takes a bit of time to fully uncurl ones body in the morning and fully embrace the day.time and good cup of coffee that is

Photo Reiko Nanto / Styling Chihiro Kubota

Gorgeous color - turquoise glass teacup saucer with ice water and a lemon slice


Great winter wedding idea for a party favor! Who wouldn't love to cozy up with this some hot chocolate - and the koufeta - on a cold night?


Oolong Donuts With A Milk Tea Glaze & A Giveaway

"The thing you really need to do before you even decide to make a picture of food is learn how to plate. The best photo in the world cannot make bad-looking food look good.

tumblr_mbcdx7uXvq1rtq40eo1_500.jpg (500×645)

Immerse yourself in the gentle aromas of a steaming hot cup of your favourite coffee blend. The first thing you smell in the morning, and the only thing you smell while scrolling.


my "happy place" - blue & white china, yummy sweet coffee, maybe a little cookie.