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yeah, that's me

I did this at the bus stop on the first day of school when I first went to a new school! I didn't know anybody an I was just staring off into space so I whipped out my phone!

haha! for reals!

Ok this is just hilarious! It's so true! Unless you are all muscle you feel so fat when you sit down! I always end up lifting my legs up, 'cause I can't stand it. I feel like everyone's staring at my legs!

Teenager Post - I love people who text back instantly. ~ That is why I always try to respond instantly. Even if I don't have the answer, I'll let you know I received it.and it makes me feel important and that they care

HAHAHHAHA...everyday -.- ....

I do this all the time with me and my *whispers nervously* movie/book character imaginary boyfriends (at least I'm admitting I'm crazy! :) << it's basically called making up fan fiction in your head.