Pirgi  Chios  Grecia

Pirgi Chios Grecia Pyrgi is often called the “painted village” because of the detailed decorative motives on the buildings’ facades. It is the largest medieval village of Chios located at a from Chios town.

Windmills, Chios, Greece

Windmills Acrylic Print by Emmanuel Panagiotakis

Windmills, Chios, Greece by Emmanuel Panagiotakis. Chios is the fifth largest of the Greek islands, situated in the Aegean Sea, 7 kilometres off the Anatolian coast. The island is separated from Turkey by the Chios Strait. Chios is notable for its exports

Heavenly tears are made and collected in Chios with care!

Mastic from Chios island, heavenly tears are made and collected with care.

Avgonyma, Chios

Αυγώνυμα Χίου ~ Village of Avgonima, Chios “ A balcony on the Aegean Sea…. ” by Karolos Trivizas

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