Athens, Greece is epic, a must for those with wanderlust. >  View of the Acropolis from a roof garden

Athens, Greece: rooftop restaurant of the King George Palace Hotel simply GORGEOUS!

Magnificent Parthenon in Athens, Greece

Parthenon In Acropolis Of Athens During Dusk Time Photograph - Parthenon In Acropolis Of Athens, CHECK

Athens Acropolis.. Greece - Athens by sea ***** Past life as a sculptor.

Athens from the Sea, or, How I Nearly Died

Odeon of Herodes Atticus, Athens, Greece  So Cool...this is amazing.  #kevco #kevcobz #kevcotravel

Greek architecture seen here with the amphitheater style that is still used to this day. Odeon of Herodes Atticus, Athens.

Detall  Athènes , Acropole, Erechtheion,   Greece

Caryatids are still my favorite Ancient Art form. These females are on column, which gives the temple more curves and makes it not a boring straight place. It has curves and appeal now. I bet it had lovely colors.

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