When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. When life gives you an apartment with no air conditioning, you grab some supplies and make your own air conditioner. A clever Flickr user did just that and documented his project with annotated pictures. Starting off with a regular oscillating tabletop fan, he wrapped copper tubing in [...]

diy air conditioner This is freakin brilliant! Coiled copper pipe, attached front and back to a fan, filled with water and attached to an aquarium pump (flexible aquarium tubing used for the length that would move when the fan oscillates). The little bit

Full Transparent Austin Martin Phone Powered By #Android

Canadian luxury cellphone maker Mobiado teamed up with Aston Martin to create an amazing cell phone, the Mobiado Aston Martin Concept Phone

One - Pen phone concept

ONE is a mobile phone fashioned as a pen. It hosts a flexible display that relies on cloud computing for memory ONE is a mobile phone fashioned as a pen. It hosts a flexible display

Rise and Fall Of Brands, Classy Designs: 40 Years Of Mobile Phone Through Infograph

[Infographic] 40 Years of Mobile. Watch how the mobile phone has progressed over the past 4 decades.

The Lenovo Smart Cast phone takes the concept of the digital piano to the next level with it's laser projection keyboard

Lenovo has seen the future of phones and smartwatches, and this is it

Lenovo's futuristic Magic Watch concept smartwatch comes with a built-in projection screen and Smart Cast projection phone.

The LG V10 is made from 316L stainless steel and the back made from Dura Guard, a silicone-like material that can absorb shock like no other device when the phone's dropped

LG's power-packed V10 has two screens and two selfie cameras

LG goes official with secondary display, dual front-facing cameras - News Phones

A Braille phone! Awesome Gadgets That We Should All Have

Awesome Gadgets That We Should All Have

The "DrawBraille" is a mobile phone concept created for blind and visually impaired. Instead of traditional keys or touch screen, the DrawBraille, as its name


THE GAMERS’ PHONE The ASUS POSEIDON was designed with extreme gamers in mind. It features greater processing power, enhanced battery life and a unique anti-overheating system…

Crossover Watch is a contemporary design modeled after the game "pick up stix". Its elegant hands, that appear to be precariously balanced, rotate around the di

Crossover Watch