Lillian Styles<3

Lillian Styles<3

Lillian Styles<3
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Repin if u can read it

If you can read this you are a true directioner.<<o and if you walk away I know I'll fade cause there is nobody else it's gotta be YOOOOUUUU

I will always be a fan if they are taken or if they aren't! <3

I AM HERE FOR LIFE BABY! Ive kind of subconsciously accepted the fact i will never be with them and i will love them no matter who they love. Because im not a fan, im a directioner.

I had to,»» Repin!!!!

No Kim. X Tomlinson Calder vote for your boyfriend! The world must know that we prefer Louis's bum to Kim's bum!

It's sad cuz it's true

He is so beautiful in every way. We know you're a good person Harry. No matter what crap the media says, we see past it.