"PETS on Fashion"

Their accessories, their clothes, their homes. Everything that makes our pets fashionable! Let's admit it this is a Pet's World because we would do everything to pamper them. If you would like to be invited comment on my KG Invitatons board. Make sure you follow me to be invited. Please DON'T INVITE People to this Board! Thank you for your contribution and Happy Pinning!!!
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Hypothyroidism and allergy issues -- GREAT article! ...I need to get an allergy test!
Pumpkin and Fall table decor
Cute puppy ✿⊱╮
Pet Designer Anthony Rubio in collaboration with photographer Sophie Gamand have dspicted Chihuahuas, in this case celebripup Bogie, as super models showing that pet fashion has never looked this good see : www.AnthonyRubioD... and strikingpaws.com/...
These Poms love to ride in their travel buggy. I wish mine enjoyed it as much lol.