Closeup of a Kingfishers wing feathers. It sadly lost its life after flying into a cottage window in mid december, and was brought round to me to take any photos before it was buried in their garden. Here you can see how the colours change with the light . It was photographed outside in morning light. Thanks to Olly for lending me his 90mm Tamron Macro lens.

Close-up of a Kingfisher's wing feathers: the colours change with the light. It was photographed outside in morning light

Lu's Inspiration ღ purple and brown

When I see this pistachio color massed together like this, it's enchanting!

Saatchi Art Artist: Natalia Anisimova; Acrylic 2015 Painting "Frangipani"

Frangipani Painting by Natalia Davis

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Brown and blue, navy or dark blue. I have a brown couch and wood furniture. I'm looking for color inspiration. Normally I'm not really a blue person

ZJ Colour Palette 151 #colourpalette #colourinspiration

(Would be grateful if someone could enlighten on the species of this bird.

Bed Room Master Bath Colors

fresh coconuts Blue (also lighter shade) for living/hallway, green or yellow for dining and/or kitchen.

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Watercolor Painting, This lovely bird of paradise painting is sold and unfortunately I cannot make prints of this piece but I could paint a similar painting in a size that works for you


Very detailed vector tropical pattern - Personal Use License

A new collection of vector designs! The pattern is easily editable, all element in groups, uncut, not flattened. Beautiful floral vintage tropical layout on a background of dark animal skin, zebra and leo.

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Taupe Feather Textures - natural surface pattern & texture inspiration for bird inspired design not sure of this is a back down to the tail feathers or a collage of different ones