I’m reposting this: EYELINER APPLICATION TIPS! Ever wonder what style of eyeliner does what to your eyes? Well hopefully these 4 styles of eyeliner will help you next time you’re trying to create the perfect look with eyeliner!

Super smokey eyes and nude lips

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Sweep Mineral Eye Color in Golden Vanilla on the brow bone. Use Honey Spice on the lid, and Hazelnut on the crease. Line with Deep Brown Eyeliner. Top lashes with Lash Love Mascara in I brown. Use True Dimension lipstick in Sizzling Red.


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winged liner

Gold and brown with black winged eyeliner. (Start with gold shimmer-eyeshadow Next use a soft brown eyeshadow Then use liquid eyeliner to create angled wings Finally use mascara to coat your top and bottom eyelashes)