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Games companies, please read this…I NEED THIS GAME IN MY LIFE!

SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY! ^^the thing is I saw no state puffed marshmallow man from ghostbusters in this pitch. Until this or the slimer is added I'll have to refrain from this game. Even though it does, in fact, sound amazing.

Adventure Time video game mashups…

Funny pictures about Adventure Time video game mashups. Oh, and cool pics about Adventure Time video game mashups. Also, Adventure Time video game mashups.

lag makes us violent, stop blaming the games and fix the lagging. gamers everywhere will stop being so angry.

Let everyone know you live by a certain creed as you maintain your strict gym regiment while working out in this video game nerd fitness design that says "Training To Be An Assassin".<<<i'm totally going to wear this whenever i workout XD