à faire vraiment froid dans le dos...

Surrealism Mixed Media Sculpture by Jill M. Armstrong titled: duet, created in 2004 does any one want some teeths in shoes!

Wire Animal Sculptures that Look Like Scribbled Pencil Drawings by David Oliveira | Colossal - created via http://pinthemall.net

Inspo - Wire Animal Sculptures that Look Like Scribbled Pencil Drawings by David Oliveira via Colossal

Jean Luc Cornec

Sheep phones made from old handsets and cabling-Entry display, Museum of Communication in Frankfurt. Sculpture is "Telephone Sheep" by Jean-Luc Cornec.

A perfect modern Sheela-Na-Gig! (Sheela na gigs are figurative carvings of naked women displaying an exaggerated vulva. They are found on churches, castles and other buildings, particularly in Ireland and Britain.) Coatlicue is the Aztec "The Mother of Gods", the Aztec goddess who gave birth to the moon, stars, and Huitzilopochtli, the god of the sun and war. This is the birthing position Aztec Goddesses were sculpted in.

amazingly poignant sculptures by Elisabet Stienstra "Virgin of Light" 2011 Oak/Brass Private Coll

Created with 1,050 denture teeth on Savile Row Oxford shoes, these puppies go perfect with the Apex Predator suit made from what else but human hair, glass eyes, and teeth.

slightly disturbing, but kind of cool.Part of Irene Neuwirth's guest curator collection: Artist Fantich Young;

Lego Street Art Around The World. This Lego street art works in two ways: one, it makes the grey and boring street more colourful, all the while repairing the crumbling street brick walls. So it’s basically a two-for-one Lego repair.

Isabelle Bonte. It reminds me of Cities in the Sky and a project I did a few years back. :)

"Get students to recreate iconic architecture in wire and waxed rice paper-image inspiration: sculpture by Isabelle Bonte"

Aeróbica Automotiva de Chris Labroov

The Auto Aerobics by UK-based artist Chris LaBrooy are surreal Illustrations of Distorted and Interlocked Classic Cars.