25 Classic Coco Chanel Quotes Every Girl Must Know - Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself - so go ahead don't be afraid there's nothing wrong with you.

I <3 me.

When I look back on my life I see pain mistakes and heart ache when I look in the mirror I see strength learned lessons and pride in myself

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Get over yourself. I'm awesome, you suck. I work hard, you're lazy. Your daddy buys you all your shit, my dad taught me the value of earning money and job searching. Never had anything handed to me. Enjoy the lies your man tells you to make you feel better. Can't trust him ;)

Words - Inspiration - I have no time for your negative bullshit - negativity

δεν ωφελεί...

It's useless to wait . If it shall come , it will come, or else it's going to pass you by .

A negative mind will never give you a positive life.

A negative mind will NEVER give you a positive life. Think Positive

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You can go if you think you don't like me, but, don't forget that as many times i thought i don't liked you , i hold you in my arms and was pasient .

γι'αυτό..... Greek quotes

γι'αυτό..... Greek quotes

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Greek is so beautiful.



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To learn to read is to light a fire - Victor Hugo Powerful words, an informed society is a great one. Reading is the first step in changing the world.