DIY T-shirt Felt Artwork.

Felt Flower Artwork

DIY T-shirt Felt Artwork. ◦a t-shirt % wool felt in a few pretty colors ◦small patterns of the shapes you want to cut out ◦a sharp scissor ◦pins ◦a sewing machine or needle and thread You can use wool felt or other materials. So cute.

A bow stencil makes a simple brownie look extra special.

DIY Projects & Crafts

Make brownies look like a gift! Use this printable template (best if printed on card stock) and place on an in. pan of brownies. Sprinkle powdered sugar and then remove the stencil.

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You eat the chocolate Mrs B, I'll drink the wine, and we'll both sleep naked.

to make your own wallpaper - Spring Bird Design Patterned Paint Roller & Applicator

Spring Bird Design Patterned Paint Roller & Applicator

Use gloss & flat paint. Pattern Paint Roller in Spring Bird design from Not Wallpaper patterned wall stencil - Etsy. Omg absolutely loving these rollers!