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Black and white.

black, white and brass in living room décor. The best thing about this photograph is those brass shelves. I garbage-picked them two weeks ago. Rug, pillows and stool are all Nate Berkus from Target.


I- If ur child is 6 or 7 and is still in a stroller b/c shes over weight, and you wonder why people stare, well theirs ur answer. give ur kid fruits and veggies instead of potatochips and candy bars eh. THEIRS YOUR SIGHN, # 1 MOM

People of Walmart

Wal-mart shopper woman with image of male genitalia on her shorts. I can't help it that is crazy brave and funny.

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Bad Parenting Skills at their finest. A new gallery of the worst parents ever prove why you should need a license to be a parent.