- Ένας χειμώνας... σε καρτποστάλ!

I'm participating in the Winter Photo Contest for a chance to win prizes and give exposure to my photography. Join over 100 photo contests per year and browse a huge selection of photos.


William McCoy Fine Art prints available framed on canvas or metal :-) up to 3 x 4 feet :o)

Φάτε μάτια ψάρια: Δείτε απίστευτες πισίνες πολυτελών ξενοδοχείων στο κόσμο!

The infinity pool at "Perivolas" hotel on Santorini, is one of the most photographed hotel pools. Its enviable spot perched high on the cliffs above the Aegean Sea showcases jawdropping Aegean sunsets. - Ένας χειμώνας... σε καρτποστάλ!

Need some fun winter activity ideas? Look no further than our list of cold weather activities to do over winter vacation. - Ένας χειμώνας... σε καρτποστάλ!

A question that makes you think is worth asking. So we ask one new thought-provoking question every day. - Ένας χειμώνας... σε καρτποστάλ!

We call them Deer Trees, old orchard or wild apple trees that have persistant fruit. In the early winter deer flock to these to supplement their diet before the hard winter sets in. We even help our friends, the deer.