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"This Is Divorce At." is a HuffPost Divorce series delving into divorce at every stage of life.

Just get over it! |

Just get over it! |

Love me when I'm gone |

Absence is sincere. You lied to yourself.

Let's Celebrate! I'm Finally Over You! |

Third time's a charm.

Don’t cry over your ex | Pillowfights

Sab kuch hai mere paas per dil ki dawa nahi, Door wo mujhse hai per main khafa nahi, Maloom hai ab bhi pyar karta hai mujhe wo Thora ziddi hain, magar bewafa nahi.

Thank you for leaving me | Pillowfights

You wanna know what happened when you left me? I learned to be my own person,and I'm still learning how.

Religion tore us apart | Pillowfights

Of course he knew I was Catholic. He also knew that I wasn’t allowed to date anyone outside my religion. My family was very strict on that matter. Yet I chose to disobey and suffered the consequential guilt and punishments as a result.

Our passion broke us apart | Pillowfights

Lost Lover Spells Caster," Recreate a lost fan with African classic healer Prof Moya who may have powers & mood from his ancestors for all those spiritu