Will you NOT be my Valentine? | Pillowfights

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AIDS: Raise Awareness and Stay Safe. | Pillowfights

Kill ignorance before it kills anyone else.

"After all this time?" "Always..." | Pillowfights

Alan Rickman When I'm 80 years old, and I will sit in my rocking chair, I read Harry Pottera.I my family asks me: "After so many years?" And I answer: "Always

A black dot to signal for help | Pillowfights

A black dot to signal for help

Resolutions; Make 'em, shake 'em, break 'em. | Pillowfights

Make 'em, shake 'em, break 'em.

Why wait for Christmas? | Pillowfights

Why wait for Christmas?

'Twas the night before Christmas - 2015 Edition | Pillowfights

Irish Christmas blessings for you and your loved ones

A Final Salute to the Magnificent Umberto Eco | Pillowfights

How to become an “antischolar” in a culture that treats knowledge as “an ornament that allows us to rise in the pecking order.” Umberto Eco’s Antilibrary