Love Is...not being able to fall asleep like I can when you are home

Love Is. the deliciousness of shared sleep. Looking forward to our seepover party!

Love Is... Chilling out together

This Ashlyn Bellah and Courtney Bellah at the beach on thier honey moon in Jamaica are they so cute together lmao

Relationship+Comics | Love is comics by Kim | Inspire Me

Love is when he makes you feel like the most important person in the room and the world cartoon comics by kim casali

Moving into the next milestone together. How the future will be, we dont know. But we know that, after going thru so much ups and downs together, we're with each other forever.

Love is.facing the unknown together. As much as the future scares me, I feel so much better knowing I have you by my side

Love much joy from something so small

Each of our five grandchildren brings us so much joy - that's what 'Love is'

Love is… Awakening your sleeping beauty with a kiss.

Love is… Awakening your sleeping beauty with a kiss.


I use to cut these out of the paper in high school and save them.