Acne- almost everyone deals with acne at some point in their life. Finding a treatment that works seems like a never ending challenge. Western States Clinical Research, Inc. is always in pursuit of better medicine for a variety of conditions and diseases, acne included!
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Different acids for glowing skin...worth a try?

7 Secret-Weapon Ingredients For Making Your Skin Glow

Get Your Glowiest, Most Radiant Skin Ever - Add these acids to your skin care routine and kiss dull, drab skin goodbye

face mapping - some ideas for what maybe the cause of your acne/pimples

Face Mapping Will Help You Understand All Your Breakouts

face mapping - how to figure out the cause of your acne/pimples: face mapping - how to figure out the cause of your acne/pimples

50 Incredible Facts About Skin

50 Incredible Facts About Skin [Infographic] - Interesting facts about your epidermis

Just because you have acne doesn't mean everyone has to see it!  Here is a video for those that want some tips to help them cover up blemishes and appear 'acne free'!

Teen's Acne-Covering Makeup Video Goes Viral (VIDEO)

Foundation Routine Flawless Skin (Full Coverage Tutorial) Cystic Acne & Scaring Cassandra Bankson- bullied for severe acne. found hope in make-up and is now modeling.

While acne isn't caused just by the foods you eat, eating a healthy and complete diet will benefit your overall health and your skin!

5 Acne-Fighting Food Tips

5 Acne-Fighting Food Tips- Fighting acne is a constant struggle for teens and adults. But there are many small steps you can take to help keep your skin clean and looking great, including making smart decisions what foods and drink you put in your body.

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