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э́ннмили | аня с камерой on Instagram: "„наверное, в откровенном чувстве есть что-то нелепое, хотя я не могу себе представить, почему это так, если только сам человек, эфемерный обитатель крохотной планетки, со всеми его горестями и стремлениями, не есть всего лишь шутка вечного разума” 🥀🫧"
nat 🌿 on Instagram: "Who is he??? 😍😍 Those eyes, that brow, the popped collar??? 🥵🥵🥵 I would have bought Ginsburg's The Manzoni Family anyway, but this cover? Irresistible."
nat 🌿 on Instagram: "I am so ready for fall 🍂 Enormous sweaters, shotgunning tea, burrowing into fifteen blankets, getting absolutely drenched in rain, inhaling soup, listening to my partner complain every single morning that it's cold, the aestHETIC, bring it on"
nat 🌿 on Instagram: "I'm determined to read everything by James Baldwin. I've read 7 of his books so far and I'm thinking of maybe giving Tell Me How Long the Train's Been Gone a go soon. Or maybe If Beale Street Could Talk. So far, my very favorite Baldwin has been Giovanni's Room. Any Baldwin fans out there?"
nat 🌿 on Instagram: "Coffee and books, a heavenly combination ☕"
nat 🌿 on Instagram: "My kind of Sunday ✨"
ALLISON WHALEN fashion inspo on Instagram: "Channeling my inner Rory Gilmore 📖☕️🍁"
ALLISON WHALEN fashion inspo on Instagram: "What’s your favorite book ??"
DANIELA PARDO on Instagram: "☞ It is better to know one book intimately than a hundred superficially. // The Secret History 🖤☕️🍂  #cozycore #cozyaesthetic #autumnaesthetic #warmandcozy #folkandstory #yourvintagesoul #vintageaesthetic #darkacademiastyle #darkacademiavibes #darkacademiaaesthetic #lightacademiaaesthetic #studygram #librarianstyle #darkacademia #thesecrethistory #autumnoutfit #analogliving #quietshadesofbrown #bookishlife #hyggeliving #autumngirl #hyggelife  #darkcottagecore #bookstagramuk"
far from booked✨☁️ on Instagram: "the violent season, by sara walters  🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 IF YOU HAVE NOT READ THIS BOOK GO DO IT NOW! I absolutely loved this book. I can not get over it. I read it all last night in one sitting. the storyline is so unique and I just absolutely loved the writing style. This book was nothing like I thought it was going to be I went in thinking it was just going to be a quick read thriller but there was so much more too it. The book doesn’t just focus on the mystery of what happens in November every year in wolf ridge but it also focuses on how the characters and relationships are effective by this “strange month”. This book will have you questioning everything that you are told within this book. I cannot tell you enough to go read this book! ✨”less than twenty four hours before,I was staring into his eyes while that galaxy crumbled,while the stars he’d hung for me fell in piles of ash around us.”✨ (I love Porter so much❤️😭) ⚠️tw: this book has mentions of murder, suicide, and sexual assault.  #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #book #bookrecommendations #sarawalters #theviolentseason #wyattgreen #read #thrillerbooks #reading"
far from booked✨☁️ on Instagram: "✨BOOK REVIEW✨ A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder series, by @hojay92  🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 This series is probably one of my favorite series I have ever read.  I read all three books in like 3 days because I just couldn’t put them down. I loved all the characters and their development epically Pip and Ravi. The plot was genius and all the books connected together so perfectly. All aspects of these books were so interesting and had me wanting more. If you haven’t read this series yet I definitely recommend you go read it! ✨”I’m not sure I’m the good girl I once thought I was. I’ve lost her along the way.”✨ #bookstagram #book #book #bookrecommendations #agggtm #hollyjackson #pipandravi #crime #asgoodasdead #goodgirlwithbadthoughts"
far from booked✨☁️ on Instagram: "one of us is lying series, by @writerkmc i read this a few years ago, and it was so good! the whole concept of the breakfast club but with murder is SUCH an intriguing hook.  sometimes, when a book has too many narrators it can prevent me from having a deep understanding of any one of the characters simply because when a book is divided four ways, you don’t get to be inside a characters head as much. however, this book made me realize that if the story is crafted well enough, you can fall in love with a character in just a few chapters. and that was me with these characters, especially bronwyn.  of course the main plot of this is the ‘whodunnit’ murder, but what made this book so good to me was how all the subplots were equally as entertaining and even when there wasn’t a major development in the murder case happening, i was still excited to read.  minor spoilers here, but another thing i loved about the book was how at the end it wasn’t tied into a neat little ribbon where everyone is happy. i’m not sure if that was done because karen was planning a sequel or if it was done just because, but i loved that aspect. too many books end with a perfect ending and don’t leave readers any room to interpret, so when a book comes that allows me to do that, i love it! i didn’t like the sequel as much as the first but thought it was still good! i didn’t care for the characters as much in this book and found myself just waiting for chapters with the originals. i have high hopes for one of us is back though! unpopular opinion, but i also LOVE the show. most people hate the casting, but i loveeee it. every change they made from the book was for a reason rather than just for nothing. if you don’t plan to read the book, at least try the show! i don’t think you’ll regret it! did this book live up to the hype for you? let me hear your thoughts in the comments!! #bookstagram #books #tbr #authors #bookrecs #yabooks #booktok #reading #booksuggestions #bookrec #booksta #booklover #tbr #tbrlist #toberead #read #bookrecommendations #fiction #bookaesthetic #oneofusislying #oouil #oouilpeacock #bronwynrojas #natemcauley #addyprentiss #bayviewfour #oneofusisnext #oneofusisback"
far from booked✨☁️ on Instagram: "before we were strangers, by @reneecarlino1 📸🗽 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 i bought this books a few months ago because of a tiktok i saw, and just based on the aesthetic and themes, i knew i might love it. and i did. i read this in less than 48 hours and i wouldn’t change a thing.  “before we were strangers” follows matt and grace who met in the NYU dorms their senior year of college. their undeniable connection caused them to become best friends, and eventually they began a romantic relationship. their final year of undergraduate school is pure bliss. until matt goes on a three month internship with national geographic to further his photography career, and everything changes. cut to sixteen years since matt and grace saw each other, matt is leading a miserable life working in a NYC office building. when at the subway station on break, he sees grace after sixteen years and his world is flipped upside down.  spoilers below—⚠️: i LOVED this book. i’ve been obsessed with new york city for a long time and to read this just made me so much more obsessed. one of my favorite aspects of the book was the metaphor orvin and grave refer to about the symphony of her life being the sound of new york. it’s so touching and beautiful to think about. as for the storyline, SO good. i never even thought to consider that grace had a daughter that matt didn’t know about! and i was absolutely gutted when he realized he had missed 16 years with his daughter who lived only blocks away her whole life. which brings me to the antagonist, the annoying, pregnant, ex-wife of matt shore: elizabeth. i blame her for everything. literally all of it could have been prevented if she was out of the picture. 👏🏻she👏🏻should’ve👏🏻told👏🏻matt👏🏻grace👏🏻was👏🏻contacting👏🏻him!! as for pornstake, i didn’t particularly like either but i am glad he gave grace a chance at a normal happy life and i’m glad he was a father figure to ash. if you can’t tell, i’m bitter they lost 16 years over miscommunication but i’m glad they got married with ash there🥰 #beforewewerestrangers #reneecarlino  #bookstagram #books #tbr #authors #bookrecs #yabooks #booktok #romancerecs #bookreview #bookrecs #book"
far from booked✨☁️ on Instagram: "this is where it ends, by @mariekeyn  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ what a book. i read this book i january, but i still think about it frequently. i highly recommend reading this for a variety of reasons, but also recommend you research the trigger warnings before diving in because it deals with some very heavy topics.  the book follows the pov’s of 4 high school students at Opportunity High School and the entirety of the book takes place in just 55 minutes— only that 55 minutes feels like hours due to the circumstances the students are under. when the doors to the hallway won’t open after an assembly, panic floods around the student body. just two minutes later, someone starts shooting.  claire, tomás, sylvia, and autumn went through the unthinkable at their school, and we hear from each of them about their experiences as the event unfolds. figuring out throughout the book how each of the four narrators stories intertwined with the others was so interesting because you were kept guessing throughout the book. eventually when the storylines told in each pov cross, you will be sitting on the edge of your seat ready to find out what happens.  i urge everyone who thinks they are able to read this to do it. it’s so important to bring awareness to the issue of school shootings— they happen way too often, especially in the united states.  have you read this? what did you think? i would love to hear in the comments :) #bookstagram #books #tbr #authors #bookrecs #yabooks #booktok #reading #thisiswhereitends #mariekenijkamp #boktok #sadbooks #fiction #bookrecommendations #dualpov #importantbooks"