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Serifos, Greece White cubic houses, blue roofs, narrow alleys and small courtyards:The image of Serifos is among the most typical of the Cyclades, and our cosy apartment is located in the center of such a neighborhood!

Town Hall Square, Isle of Serifos, Greece

Town Hall Square, Isle of Serifos, Greece.Serifos Greece is a beautiful island of Western Cyclades, located between Kythnos and Sifnos.

Serifos island (Hora ) Greece

Serifos travel experiences collected here: what Serifos looks like, its landmarks, how to get to the island, where to eat & more tips for unforgettable vacations on Greek islands.

Isla de Serifos, islas Cícladas (Grecia)

El Mediterráneo en 50 islas

ΣΕΡΙΦΟΣ: ΑΓΡΙΟ ΤΟΠΙΟ ΚΑΙ ΑΥΘΕΝΤΙΚΗ ΟΜΟΡΦΙΑ Το νησί με την αναλλοίωτη Κυκλαδίτικη ουσία: φως, βράχος και διάφανα νερά

The authentic island of Serifos has managed to maintain its original charm and the relaxing rhythms of life exuding the atmosphere of bygone .

Σεριφος με το πρωτο φως του ηλιου.

Another image from Serifos. The main village (chora) on the top of a hill. Like all small greek islands there is at least one village at the sea (harbour) and one at the top of a mountain (the main village). It is soooo beautiful.


Photo of Coming Home - Aegean Sunrise - Serifos Island - Cyclades - Greece - By Stathis Chionidis